If you have a passion for God and want to serve in ministry, Calvary Church is a great place to work. We welcome people who are committed to our mission, have the skill set appropriate for the position of interest, and have good chemistry with co-workers and volunteers.

That sound like you? Then go ahead. Click the link and read the job description of the position that interests you. Then email your cover letter and resume to the “Apply Now” link to apply for your dream job. And be sure to tell us which job you feel God is leading you to!

Current Openings

College Ministry Associate, Part Time
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Roseville Campus Elementary Director, Part Time
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Custodian, Part Time
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Roseville Campus Children’s Ministry Intern, Part Time
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White Bear Campus Children’s Ministry Intern, Part Time
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Welcome New Staff

Sam Townsend
Sr. High Ministry Pastor

Sam is a graduate of Minnesota State Community & Technical College (A.A), University of Northwestern—St. Paul (B.S.), and Bethel Theological Seminary (M.Div.). His years of experience as a camp counselor, and programming and curriculum writer for YouthWorks make him the perfect fit for our Youth Pastor role. Sam lives 1.1 miles from Calvary’s Roseville campus and 1.5 miles from the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, where each year he sells the world’s best foot-long hotdogs for the family business—started by his grandfather in the 1940’s. Sam enjoys the occasional bike ride, the frequent cheesy pun, and the company of good people. He is thrilled to be part of the pastoral team at Calvary Church and serving some truly incredible teenagers.

Kaylee Engel
Infant & Toddler Director—Roseville Campus

Kaylee comes to us with lots of experience working with children and is thrilled to walk alongside Calvary’s littlest ones and their families. She will also lead the volunteer team which serves infants, toddlers and two-year-olds. Kaylee graduated from University of Northwestern-St. Paul with a degree in English, and used that degree in her previous post in marketing at Schuler Shoes. Kaylee and her husband Micah (who is Calvary’s Technical Director) just bought their first home, and have come to realize that zeal and HGTV fantasies are not enough to make them the next Chip and Joanna Gaines. Kaylee is pretty proud of herself for nicknaming their new roost “the Shryer”. Yep. That’s a shameless Lord of the Rings reference.

Olivia Hansen
Sr. High Associate Director—Roseville Campus

Our newest hire, Olivia, is a double blessing to us. She’s not only one of our Sr. High Associate Directors, she also cleans up with the facilities crew! It’s clear she has a heart for students—she’s served with Royal Servants, Youthworks, and YWAM, and currently nanny’s some pretty adorable kids a couple times a week in addition to working for Calvary. (Where does she find the time?) She earned her B.S. in Psychology at UW-La Crosse, and is now pursuing an M.A. in Ministry at Bethel Seminary. When not working or going to school, she loves to be outdoors (boating or running), playing basketball, or reading. In the rare moments when she sits still, she enjoys watching a Packers game while consuming something chocolate. Anything chocolate.

Jacob Moyer

Jacob is our newest member of the Facilities crew at Calvary, and he’s saving all his hard-earned pennies to pay for another year at UW-Eau Claire, where he’ll be studying Instrumental Music Education during his Jr. year. When not cleaning up after us all, he’s playing with one of his 50 Rubiks Cubes, or rehearsing and performing in our annual musical production. This year he’s in The Lion King—where he’s cast as the lovable Pumbaa!


Alex Lane

Another hard-working Facilities crew guy, Alex is a new Calvary attendee—just been coming here a year! He loves doing theater, and was part of the chorus in our recent production of The Lion King. He’s moved on to Arts Garden production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, where he’s cast as Aslan. He’s considering taking online classes this fall through Century, which keeps him free to keep cleaning up after all of us!

Jason Moyer
Production Director—White Bear Campus

(No photo available)

You may not see much of Jason, but you will see what he does every Sunday if you attend Calvary’s White Bear Campus. He’s the guy back in the sound booth, making sure all the slides run as plan, and that the band sounds awesome. Yes, he’s related to our other new hire, Jacob, and they are both life-long Calvary attendees—been coming here since birth!


Tina Skipper
Children’s Outreach Director

Tina is moving from splitting her time between ASK and Elementary Director, to devoting all her time to the ASK (After School Kids) program and kids ministry outreach. This change fits with our goal of building relationships outside of the church walls, in order to introduce kids to Christ. Tina’s passion for kids makes her a perfect fit for this role. Congratulate Tina when you see her around!

Roxie Holmberg
ASK Associate

Roxie has moved from being our fabulous Infant and Toddler Director at the Roseville Campus and also working with ASK, to focusing 100% of her time with ASK (After School Kids). We’re thankful to have Roxie on staff, as her love of children is evident in all she does.