Whole-Life Discipleship Class

Sundays, January 5-26, 2020 / 10am
Roseville Campus / Room 122 (Music Center)

Sundays, January 5-26, 2020 / 10:15am
White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

Many people live their life with what has been called a “sacred-secular divide.” In other words, they don’t see how their Sunday faith connects with their life and work on Monday. During this four-week class you’ll be challenged to see how all of life can be lived for the glory of God—what you do on Monday can be just as sacred as what you do on Sunday. Anyone welcome to drop in on this class at either campus!

Each Life Group will also be going through this curriculum on Sundays, January 5-26.

Know Before You Go

Facilitated by John Hann
Sundays, January 5-February 23 / 9am
White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

The word “apologetics” may conjure images of philosophers debating, but Christian apologetics is really about simply knowing why Christianity just makes sense. In this course, you’ll learn how to defend your faith in a loving manner by examining basic assumptions about truth and morality, questions about God’s existence, the Trinity, and Biblical reliability. The material in this class is accessible to all ages—teens through great-grandparents!

Life Groups

Mid-size Life Groups are a great place to connect to fellow faith-filled folks on Sunday mornings. Groups range from 20-70 in size and are mostly formed by age and stage of life. Their purpose is to build community while studying God’s Word. No need to pre-register before attending—you’ll be warmly welcomed whenever you’re able to pop in.


Please note that some room numbers have changed due to remodeling. Stop at the Welcome Center for a map, or check out the pdf link below.

Calvary Church Roseville Campus Maps

Sundays, September 8-May 17 / 10-11am
No Life Groups December 22 & 29. Life Groups resume on January 5.
Roseville Campus

KAIROS (College-Age Young Adults)
(Scroll down for more info or click HERE.)

Contacts Mark and Maggie Anderson
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship

FOUNDATION BUILDERS (Intergenerational) / Rooms 8-9
Contact Phil Carlson
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship

EQUIPPERS (55+) / Rooms 4-5
Contact Karen Larson
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship

AMBASSADORS (65+) / Room 112 (Atrium)
Contacts Mary Jo Schwab
Dave Johnson
Ron Kruschwitz
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship

KINGDOM BUILDERS (65+) / Room 110 (Activity Center)
Contact Duane Harms
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship

SOJOURNERS (75+) / Room 113
Contact Bev Thompson
January 5-26 / Whole-Life Discipleship


This weekly mid-size Life Group is for parents of kids elementary-age and younger. The group’s goal is to live out Calvary Church’s missions of building relationships, and seeing Jesus transform lives.

Sundays, September 8-May 17
/ 10:15-11:15am
No Life Group October 20, December 1, 22 & 29. Resumes January 5 and Young Families Life Group will host Whole-Life Discipleship class for all adults January 5-26.
White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

Young Families Life Group News and Calendar

Contacts Jon and Jenny Ochs

Kairos (College-Age Ministry)


Sundays through December 15, 2019 / 10-11am
Roseville Campus / Room 122 (Music Center)

This informal gathering gives young adults a place to ask tough questions and explore answers together. It’s also a place to build relationships with others in the same stage of life.


Sundays starting January 5, 2020 / 10-11am
Roseville Campus / Café

Come learn more about how Kairos aspires to provide a community for young adults. Connect with different college-age leaders during our recurring three-week rotation of fruitful conversation, helpful information, and—you guessed it—meat!

Steven Anderson
College-Age Ministry Associate

Cover-to-Cover Bible Class

New Testament
Journey through the New Testament during this comprehensive class with Ryan Habbena of Village Schools of the Bible. Open to anyone, but U of Northwestern students may earn credits.

Tuesdays, January 7-April 21, 2020 / 6:45-8:45pm
Roseville Campus / Rooms 4-5

Cost $149

Register Here by January 3, 2020