Adult Electives

This fall, mix and mingle with people of all ages during adult elective classes. As Roseville Campus Life Groups are on hiatus due to construction, you have a unique opportunity to meet some new people while studying God’s Word. No need to pre-register—you’ll be warmly welcomed whenever you’re able to drop in.

Starting September 9

Taught by Steve Carlson

September 9-30 / 10:05-10:55am
Roseville Campus / Rooms 4-5

Learn how to develop real, reasonable, rational, relevant and relational intelligence (RI) about God and what He wants for your life in an AI (artificially intelligent) world. Steve Carlson is a former Converge Pastor, and has a passion for helping new believers understand the gospel.

Taught by Gary Smith

September 9-October 28 / 10:05-10:55am
Roseville Campus / Choir Room

Isaiah addresses the needs of the people of Judah to trust God during the powerful reign of King Uzziah, the war-torn rule of unbelieving Ahaz, and during the Assyrian attack on Jerusalem in the time of Hezekiah. Isaiah’s analysis of his own culture encourages us to have a renewed dependence on God’s promises in times of prosperity, periods of opposition, and days of defeat. Gary Smith is an Old Testament scholar and has written several commentaries on books in the Old Testament.

Facilitated by Steve Taylor

September 9-October 21 / 10:05-10:55am
Roseville Campus / Rooms 9-10

It’s no longer possible for Christians to pretend that we’re a moral majority. Nominal Christianity isn’t working anymore. What’s needed now is neither a doubling-down on the status quo nor a retreat into isolation. Instead, we need a church that speaks to social and political issues with a bigger vision in mind: that of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Steve Taylor has taught many classes at Calvary Church throughout the years, and always encourages engaging dialogue. Workbooks ($14) available for purchase first day of class.

Taught by Juan Hernández, Jr.

September 9-October 28 / 10:05–10:55
Roseville Campus / Activity Center

This class offers an expanded vision of John’s Apocalypse within its historical-cultural and biblical contexts. Dr. Hernández’s enthusiasm for teaching this material springs from his area of academic specialization at Bethel University, the book of Revelation. His passion for teaching and explaining this book is infectious.

Helpful Background for this Book

Book co-authored by Juan Hernández, Jr. 

Taught by Steve Odmark

September 16-November 4 / 9-10am
White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

Specific Religions Studied
Hinduism (September 16 & 23)
Buddhism (September 30, October 7)
Confucianism (October 14)
Daoism (October 21)
Islam (October 28, November 4)

During this eight-week class, you’ll get a basic understanding of the world’s religions. Discover the history, beliefs, and practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Islam. Learn how to engage your friends and neighbors who practice some of these religions and introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ. Steve is a Professor of Philosophy at Century College. He also leads the Alpha & Omega student Bible study groups on campus.

Starting November 18

Taught by Ralph Gustafson, Tucker Anderson, and Rich Schoenert

November 18-December 16
10:05-10:55am / Roseville Campus / Activity Center
9-9:50am / White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

This class is a way for God to affirm and direct you into areas of serving Him that will bring you joy and personal growth. You’ll see how God can use you to impact others for Jesus Christ. We’ll use the acronym DESIGN (Desires Experiences Skills Individuality Gifts and Niche) as a self-discovery tool. Ralph Gustafson and Tucker Anderson are currently on Pastoral Staff, and Rich Schoenert is Pastor Emeritus, and served as Senior Pastor here for over two decades.

Taught by Phil Face and Jim Feldman

November 18-December 9 / 10:05-10:55am
Roseville Campus / Choir Room

Learn what it looks like to devote every aspect of your life to Christ and His kingdom—your time, your talents, and your treasure. Phil Face and Jim Feldman will be your dynamic duo for this class. They have both taught many classes at Calvary over the years.

Taught by Lisa Geis

November 18-December 16 / 10:05-10:55am
Roseville Campus / Rooms 9-10

Many people claim that Philippians is one of their favorite books of the Bible. It contains comforting joy-filled verses, but also words of warning. And some of the greatest theology about Jesus is contained in this book. Though it’s a short book, it’s packed with words for living life, and living it well. Lisa Geis, a Bethel Seminary graduate, has many years of experience teaching the Bible in various church settings.

Calvary College-Age Ministry


Sundays, June 10-August 19 / 10am
Roseville Campus / Rooms 4-5

Sundays, August 26-December 30 / 10:05-10:55am
No meeting December 23.
Roseville Campus / Room 8

This informal gathering gives young adults a place to ask tough questions and explore answers together. It’s also a place to build relationships with others in the same stage of life.

Steven Anderson
College-Age Ministry Associate

Life Group

Young Families Life Group

This weekly mid-size Life Group is for parents of kids elementary-age and younger. The group’s goal is to live out Calvary Church’s missions of building relationships, and seeing Jesus transform lives.

Sundays / 10:15am
September 9-May 19
No group meeting November 25, December 23, 30, and April 21.
White Bear Campus / Fishbowl

Jon and Jenny Ochs

Parenting Teens

As your children grow and change, so do their parenting needs. So where do you go for support and encouragement as your kids move into their teen years? This group will give you a place to connect with others, discuss the joys and challenges of being a parent to teenagers, and pray together. A topic will be presented at the gathering each month to guide the discussion. Note that this group is moving to Roseville Campus this fall!

Last Sunday each month during school year
6:30-8pm / Roseville Campus / Fusion Room

September 30—Topic: 5 Healthy Relationships Every Teenager Needs
Presenter, Sam Townsend

October 28
November 25
January 27
February 24
March 31
April 28

Mark and Lori Hansen
Rick and Melissa Phillips

Cover-to-Cover Bible Class

Old Testament
Journey through the Old Testament in this class with Ryan Habbena of Village Schools of the Bible. Open to anyone, but U of Northwestern students may earn credits.

Tuesdays, September 4-December 18 / 6:45-8:45pm
Roseville Campus / Rooms 6-7

Cost $149

Register for Old Testament Cover-to-Cover Class

New Testament
Explore the grace of God in the New Testament during this comprehensive class with Ryan Habbena of Village Schools of the Bible. Open to anyone, but U of Northwestern students may earn credits.

Tuesdays, January 8-April 16 / 6:45-8:45pm
Roseville Campus / TBD

Cost $149

Registration Not Yet Open