Everyone needs “go to” people in their lives—friends to share your times of joy, and to lift you up in times of need. Being part of a Small Group provides the opportunity to grow in faith and develop these kinds of relationships. While every effort is made to place people in groups when requests are made, many Small Groups take a break over the summer, so it may not be possible to connect with a group until they start meeting again in the fall.

Group Connect

Meet Calvary Church Small Group leaders and find a fit with an existing Small Group at this fair, or entertain the idea of starting a new group with others looking to get in on the Small Group action. Group Connect is held once a year, so you’ll want to catch this!

Small Group Fair
Sunday, February 24
10:05am & 12pm
/ Roseville Campus
10 & 11:15am / White Bear Campus
Lobby of Your Campus

Join an Existing Small Group

Can’t make it to Group Connect? You can connect to an existing Small Group anytime. There are two ways to plug into a group—fill out a Small Group info form, and a Small Group facilitator will reach out to you. Or check out the available groups near you through ShelbyNext, and contact the facilitator directly. It’s easy! Just click on one of the links below.

Small Group Info Form

Scroll to bottom of page for existing Small Groups finder!

Start a New Small Group

Does the thought of leading a Small Group scare you? Not sure if you have what it takes to facilitate? Read the guide below to learn how easy it is to start a group. Showing interest doesn’t commit you to becoming a group leader—it simply means you’re intrigued.

Take the Facilitating 101 Online Course

Fill out the Application

Small Group Resources


What does it really mean to be a disciple? This introductory course answers that question in a simple, four-session format for your Small Group. You’ll gain a clearer understanding of discipleship, as well as Calvary Church’s process for making disciples. All Small Groups are encouraged to use this resource at some point.

Cost $2

Imitating Christ in Life Handbook


This is where the rubber meets the road—how do you and your Small Group members live out biblical teaching in community? Study Guides for each message series from September to May are available in a PDF under our Resource tab and will help you get the most out of weekend messages.


This one-session course is for anyone interested in digging deeper into the Bible. Whether your Bible has been sitting unused, or you’ve been diligently studying the Bible for years, you’ll get something out of Open Up the Book. How do you access this valuable information? Schedule a teacher to come to your Small Group.

Contact Tucker Anderson to schedule one of our teachers to come to your Small Group.

Open Up The Book PDF

Supplemental Handout

Tucker Anderson
Discipleship Pastor