We’re sorry for your loss. One of our pastors will meet with you and your family to offer condolences, and prepare to officiate a funeral or memorial service. The Worship Centers at Roseville and White Bear Campuses are available for your use. Following the service, a meal will be provided for you and your guests, for a small fee. To make arrangements, contact the Church Office at 651.487.2855 or call our Care Pastor below. Just be aware that it’s our policy to not rent to outside groups for funeral or memorial services.

We Grieve These Losses

Galen Call
Our condolences to Jeannette Call, Emily & Luke Mapes, and Kelly & Corey Gordon whose husband and father Galen Call passed away suddenly on July 23. Galen, formerly pastor at Grace Church of Roseville, and his wife Jeannette had recently started attending Roseville Campus with their daughter Emily, and her husband and their four kids. Kelly and her husband and their four kids attend White Bear Campus.

Ted Anderson
Our condolences to Effie Anderson on the passing of her husband, Ted Anderson on July 20. Effie and Ted had been regular attenders of the Ambassador’s Life Group at Roseville Campus.

Irene Becker
Our condolences to Harold Becker and Cheri Komarek whose wife and mother Irene passed away July 15. Beckers have been attending Roseville Campus for about five years.

John Barkman, Sr.
Our condolences to John & Shari, and daughter Trisha Barkman whose father and grandfather John Barkman, Sr. passed away on June 30. Barkman’s are long-time attendees of Roseville Campus and involved in many ways. John & Shari’s son Michael Barkman and his wife Alyssa attend White Bear Campus with their two young daughters. A small, private family service was held, and a larger memorial service will take place in the near future.

Betty Peterson
Our condolences to Linda Schmidt, on the passing of her aunt Betty Peterson on June 14. The family is planning an outdoor, family-only service in July. Betty attended the Sojourner’s Life Group and volunteered in many ways during her years at Calvary.

Dale Carlson
Our condolences to Dan and Jeni, Micaiah, and Noah Carlson whose father and grandfather Dale Carlson passed away on June 9. Dan and Jeni and family attend Roseville Campus. Read obituary notice HERE.

Patricia Dalton
Our condolences to Mary Kruger, whose sister Patricia Dalton passed away on May 24. A small, private service was held at a funeral home. At this time, no public service is being planned. Read obituary notice HERE.

Tom Farnsworth
Our condolences to Juli Farnsworth whose husband Tom Farnsworth passed away suddenly on May 23. A service for Tom is being planned for this summer. Juli serves on FIT (First Impressions Team) at Roseville Campus. Read obituary notice HERE.

Betty Christiansen
Our condolences to Nancy and Charlotte Christiansen whose mother and grandmother Betty Christianson passed away on May 22. Nancy and Charlotte attend Roseville Campus. Read obituary notice HERE.

Faith Lindahl
Our condolences to the family of Faith Lindahl who passed away on May 21. Her family held a small, private graveside service. A larger public service may happen later this summer. Faith was a part of the Ambassador’s Life Group. Read obituary notice HERE.

Evie Busch
Our condolences to Verene Posavad whose sister Evie Busch passed away on May 12. Nephew John Posavad and his wife Karyn also grieve her passing. A small, private service was held in a funeral home. Read obituary notice HERE.

Blanche Goebel
Our condolences to Chris and Deb Goebel whose mother Blanche Goebel passed away on May 10 at the age of 92. Chris and Deb attend White Bear Campus. Read obituary notice HERE.

Viola Lunak
Our condolences to Russ and Sharon Lunak on the passing of his mother, Viola Lunak. She celebrated her 106th birthday on April 8 and passed away on May 7. Russ and Sharon attend the Sojourners Life Group at Roseville Campus.

Ben Tyvoll
Care Pastor

LeAnn Ogilvie
Funeral Coordinator & Ministry Assistant