You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and we want others to feel welcomed at Calvary Church. There are a few ways you can help make visitors and regular attenders feel like a part of this place. Pick a spot to fill and service to assist at from list below.


Look in the mirror. Smile. Wasn’t that easy? Now you’re ready to be a greeter, and we’d love to have your help. Being a friendly face and offering a handshake now and then is all that’s required to warmly welcome people at Calvary Church.


Another key position for making others feel good about coming to church, are the ushers. These volunteers hand out worship folders and greet guests at the Worship Center doors, and pass the offering plates or baskets. Being punctual is helpful, as you’ll want to be at your post before people start to arrive!

Welcome Center Hosts

People are always looking for information about programs and events, and those staffing the Welcome Center are the folks to go to for direction. You don’t have to know all the answers, but you can get them to the people that do.

Ten Minute Tour Guides

Give people that behind-the-scenes glimpse, and tell them about all the wonderful things that are happening at Calvary Church all week long. Being willing to ask questions and converse during the tour is helpful. Giving tours requires a little inside knowledge of programs and the facilities, which you can easily learn. It also requires the ability to walk and talk at the same time—a valuable skill, but you’ve got this.

Parking Attendant

When someone in our congregation has mobility issues, we need people to provide extra assistance. Some may need help parking a vehicle, some may just need to know where the closest parking spots are located. Greeters usually alert the parking attendant when there is a need.

Saturday / 5pm / Roseville Campus
Sunday / 9am / Roseville Campus
Sunday / 9am / White Bear Campus
Sunday / 10am / Roseville Campus 
Sunday / 10:15am / White Bear Campus
Sunday / 11am / Roseville Campus


Mark Lenz
Volunteer Coordinator & Community Life Director