CampBucks & Scholarship
Info for Trout Lake Camps

We want to encourage kids and students to attend Trout Lake Camps this summer. That’s why Calvary Church is committed to helping by offering CampBucks or Scholarships to regular attenders. (NOTE: Kids/students are only eligible for ONE of these offers—CampBucks OR Scholarship, but not both.)

Parents, please register online and enter your $50 or $200 coupon codes as soon as possible. Some camps fill up very quickly! Note that camps are priced differently depending on the week, so if you can be flexible on dates, you may be able to save on the price of camp.

Deadline for CampBucks or Scholarship Request is May 1.

$50 CampBucks

All Calvary Church students in Grades 1-12 who regularly participate in Sunday and/or Wednesday programs are eligible for $50 off the cost of a week at Trout Lake Camps this summer. One non-Calvary Church friend attending the same week may also request $50 CampBucks.

How do you get CampBucks?

It’s simple! Just email your camper’s name, address, grade, and your phone number(s) to the CampBucks Coordinator below to get a $50 coupon code via email to use when registering for camp.

CampBucks Coordinator
Judy Johnson

All Calvary Church kids and students should take advantage of the $50 CampBuck offer unless they are requesting a scholarship for camp.

$200 Camp Scholarship

This scholarship is for Calvary Church kids/students who regularly attend Sunday and/or Wednesday night programs and the family is in financial need. Sound like you? Then your kid/student is eligible for $200 off the cost of a week at Trout Lake Camps this summer.

How do I get a camp scholarship?

Parents, email CampBucks Coordinator Judy Johnson with the following information:

  • Camper’s name, grade, and address
  • Parent/Guardian’s name(s), cell and work/home phone, and email address
  • How does kid/student regularly participate at Calvary Church? (Sunday or Wednesday programs, youth group, sports group, ASK, or Worship Services)
  • Do you and/or camper attend Roseville or White Bear Campus?

Or, if able, fill out the pdf below and email to CampBucks Coordinator Judy Johnson.

Trout Lake Camps Scholarship Request 2020