Your power to be used by God to affect change in this world begins with prayer. When you pray for things beyond yourself, you build and strengthen bonds with other believers.

From January 20-February 10, the people of Calvary Church will join together in 21 Days of Prayer. We will pray for God’s leading in our personal lives, at Calvary Church, and in our community. And it’s not just our church that’s committing to pray—Converge churches around the world will be taking on the 21 Days of Prayer challenge. Imagine the power in global corporate prayer like this!

21 Days of Prayer Study Guides are available at the Welcome Center (and in pdf format below). Use these study guides to focus on common themes as a Calvary Church community, and to be unified in our praying as well. We will see an outpouring of praise and petitions by our Calvary community on our Prayer Walls, and we’ll encourage one another through prayer and testimony.

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Pick up a “21 Days of Prayer Study Guide” at the Welcome Center, or use pdf below. This guide was developed by staff just for Calvary Church.

21 Days of Prayer Study Guide

  • Put your prayers on Prayer Walls in the Worship Center. Prayers can be posted on our walls during Worship Services, or anytime you’d like to drop by your campus to pray. Worship Centers are open when buildings are open!
  • Download Converge’s 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting guide to learn more about fasting.
  • Attend Wednesday night Prayer Gatherings on January 23 & 30 / 6:45-7:45pm / Worship Center (both campuses)
  • Follow Calvary Church on social media
    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
  • Post powerful prayer experiences. Included #calvarychurchus
  • Download the app Echo Prayer so you can view the corporate and visionary prayers for Calvary. Go to FEED and type in Calvary Church Prayer, then tap on our name and logo. We will be using this app for community prayer after the 21 Days of Prayer as well!
  • Attend Vertical on Friday, February 8 / 6:30-8pm / Roseville Campus
    This prayer and worship event will culminate our 21 Days of Prayer.
  • See the big picture. The power of prayer is visible around the world at #convergeprayer