Kids Sing for Palm Sunday

Kids (Age 4-Grade 4) are invited to participate in the Worship Services on Palm Sunday. No practice needed, but the link to the song audio will be in our family emails sent in March. The song will also be included in our Sunday and Wednesday programming times throughout March. On Palm Sunday, kids will meet in their regular classes and then leaders will take them to sing with the congregation. And yes, they will get to wave palm branches as they walk in and while singing! Parents, be sure to arrive on time as kids will be participating in worship at the beginning of each service listed below.

Sunday, April 5
9 & 10:15am / White Bear Campus
9 & 11am / Roseville Campus

Christy Becher
Children’s Ministry Pastor

Holy Week Events

Holy Week Services

Traditional Communion Service
Thursday, April 9
/ 7-8pm

Roseville Campus

NOTE: Childcare for Birth-Age 3.

Contemporary Communion Services
Friday, April 10 / 5:30-6:30pm & 7-8pm
White Bear Campus

NOTE: Kids programs for Birth-Grade 4 at the 5:30pm service. No childcare or kids programming at 7pm service.

Day of Reflection

“It is Finished!” Three simple words that drastically changed the course of history. Come and take an hour to reflect on the magnitude of the meaning behind these three simple words. As you move through the reflection, each individual reading is enhanced in some way (visually, tactically, auditorily, etc.) in order to deepen your reflection experience.

Recommended for Age 8 and up. Childcare is available from 10am-7pm for younger kids. Unable to make the Day of Reflection? You can check out the Study Guide pdf (to come) and have your own time of reflection at home.

Friday, April 19 / Open from 7am-7pm
White Bear Campus

NOTE: Childcare for Birth-Age 8.

Easter Message:
It is Finished!

1 Corinthians 15:1-22

In this Easter message, we’ll hear how our faith in Jesus Christ is built on the account of the resurrection. In Corinthians, Paul wrote that the Christian faith depends upon this historical fact. So we must ask, did it happen? How can we know for sure that Jesus rose from the dead? And why is it absolutely essential that we know this with certainty in order to base our hope on this fact?

Easter Worship Services
Sunday, April 12

Electives and Life Groups do not meet.

8:15 & 9:30am / Traditional
11am / Contemporary
Roseville Campus

9 & 10:15am / Contemporary
White Bear Campus

Family Worship Weekend—We encourage children to worship with family. Childcare provided for Birth-Age 3 on Easter.