Holy Week Reflection

Restoration. Take time to reflect on the magnitude of Jesus’ gift as you explore his lovingkindness, the crushing weight of all that he bore for us, and the ultimate victory we have over death because of his sacrifice for us. The reflection below was originally designed to be experienced in visually-enhanced rooms at White Bear Campus during our annual Day of Reflection, but has been reformatted to use at home. Do one reflection each day, or do them all in one sitting. Just click on the pdf below!

Holy Week Reflection 2020 PDF

Holy Week Communion Services

Traditional Communion Service
Thursday, April 9
/ 1pm

Contemporary Communion Service
Friday, April 10 / 1pm

Services available starting at these dates and times at MESSAGES or on Facebook Live.

Easter Worship Services

It is Finished!

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1 Corinthians 15:1-22
In this Easter message, we’ll hear how our faith in Jesus Christ is built on the account of the resurrection. In Corinthians, Paul wrote that the Christian faith depends upon this historical fact. So we must ask, did it happen? How can we know for sure that Jesus rose from the dead? And why is it absolutely essential that we know this with certainty in order to base our hope on this fact?

Sunday, April 12
Traditional Worship Service
/ 9am
Contemporary Worship Service / 9am

Services available starting at this time at MESSAGES or on Facebook Live.