If you attend Roseville Campus, you’ve seen the construction and are accommodating us as we move classrooms around due to construction. All finishes, colors, and furniture selections have been made for the new Infant & Toddler/Early Childhood rooms and the Café. Below you can read about what’s going on in each space.


The wall between the Lobby and the Worship Center needed to be updated to be a 2-hour firewall and have sprinklers installed to bring our building up to code. Sheehy construction contractors have been working fast and furiously on this project mid-January, and hoped to be done January 18. They need a couple more days to complete the project, so have halted the project to give us access to the Worship Center for Sunday, January 20. You’ll notice the wall above the brick has exposed steel beams and sprinkler heads. That will all be enclosed by Sunday, January 27!

Infant & Toddler Rooms

In order to begin demolition in Rooms 100-101, we needed to move our infants and toddlers to Rooms 110-111. The former Infant & Toddler rooms will be transformed into our new Café, a much-needed meeting and gathering space.

Rooms 112 & 113 are under construction and will soon be our new Infant & Toddler spaces. If you peek in the window of Room 112, you will see that sheetrock is up, and painting is in process. The parent comfort room in the middle of the room is framed, sheetrocked, and painted. Plumbing and electrical have been updated, but bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and countertops have yet to be installed. But we are getting closer, people…

Early Childhood Spaces—Now and Later

NOW–Going into 2019, the Atrium will continue to be a dedicated Early Childhood space on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We will keep offering adult electives (in lieu of Life Groups) into January 2019 as we complete the building project.

LATER–Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be amazing! The new Early Childhood wing is really shaping up. Sheetrock is up, walls have been mudded, and most surfaces are sporting a fresh coat of paint. Each and every room will have access to a child-friendly bathroom–most are shared with an adjoining room. (Remember the old days? With the flickering lights and the two non-functional bathrooms in this area? Progress!) Plumbing is done, and tile work has begun. Bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and countertops will be installed soon. Once these rooms are completed, child check-in will be in the hallway near the new entrance to these rooms (across from the current Activity Center), instead of in the hallway by the northeast entrance. Great pains have been taken with planning to ensure natural lighting is a feature in the new kid’s spaces. Architects were able to ensure that all but two rooms in the Early Childhood spaces will have windows and natural lighting. Again, it’s gonna be amazing.

New Café

Demolition for the new Café has been completed, as has framing and sheetrock work. That means the plumbers and electricians are done, too. The Café still has lots of work to be done (mudding, painting, flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc.), but peek in the window the construction crew put in the temporary sheetrock, and you’ll see great strides are taken each week towards completing this space. Once done, the Café will have space for roughly 90 people to mingle and socialize at tables, booths, hightops, and on couches. (There will be a glass-walled conference room included here that will seat up to 14.) Coffee and donuts will be served here each Sunday morning, and your donut-eating experience will be taken to a whole new level.

Family Restroom

In the hall outside of the new Café, there will be a family restroom. This new feature will be a blessing to anyone of any age who has a family member of a different gender that needs assistance with using a restroom.

Energy-Saving & Safety Updates

HVAC professionals removed two rooftop units and replaced them with new energy-efficient ones. The new roof above the original 1953 sanctuary is installed and awaiting metal trim and new clerestory windows (these windows will be visible in the new large gathering space in Early Childhood rooms). The fire sprinkler installation is about halfway done. Team Mike and Chris (we’ve seen of alot of these guys…) are currently installing sprinklers in the south hallway outside the Worship Center and the Music Center (Room 124). Next they will head to the Activity Center, and then the new Early Childhood wing.

Please Pray!

Pray for God to use our spaces for His glory. Pray for safety for the workmen and women on our sites.

South and Northeast Entrances at Roseville Campus
Permanently Closed

Please use Main Entrance at all times. All other entrances will be closed for the safety and security of all who attend Calvary Church.


Monday, December 3, our architects and leaders met with White Bear Township officials to discuss the White Bear Campus expansion. To stay on task with this project, the utilities have been marked, and the surveyors have taken on-site measurements. Civil engineering drawings have been delivered to the White Bear Township and are under review by the city engineer. We are on the Town Board agenda for February 4, 2019 to approve the permit and determine the start date for remodeling at this site.

Transform Campaign Update Brochure 2018


After years of prayer, our congregation and leadership developed a strategic plan to accommodate future growth at Calvary Church. Following God’s leading, we’re excited to be two years into our three-year Transform Campaign which will accomplish two growth goals: refreshing and building-out new facilities, and planting new churches overseas.

We’ve been blessed with commitments around $3 million. It’s amazing to see God’s people giving so generously, and we thank you! Those in leadership have spent much time praying and talking about how to proceed, and have determined the areas of greatest need at this time. We will continue to seek your input as we consider launching into a second phase of the campaign following this three-year campaign. The goal is to eventually complete all the originally proposed projects.

Please email questions to


  • We’re so thankful for the 327 Transform Campaign Commitment Cards received!
  • Over 600 people are represented in those cards. All have committed to pray and financially support the campaign.
  • $3,009,052 total committed to date.
  • Just over $2.2 million has been received in stock donations and financial gifts.
  • We praise God for the generosity of the Calvary Church congregation!


Campaign Commitment Cards welcome anytime! If you would like to give to the campaign above and beyond your usual tithe and offerings, fill out the handy electronic Commitment Card, re-save the pdf with your name, and email to Jim Feldman. Or pick up a card (in the green envelope) at the Welcome Center at either campus. Return these to the drop box at the Welcome Center of your campus.

Online Giving

A simple and convenient way to give. Consider automating your campaign donations (along with your regular giving) using our electronic giving program.

Give Now

We’re excited about the vision Calvary leaders have cast for this church. If you’d like to hear more about how we arrived at our growth goals, and where we are in the campaign, contact one of the leaders listed below.

Shawn Winters
Senior Pastor

Chuck Hannema
Church Chair

Mark Anderson
Program Leader—Roseville Campus

Dwight Skinner
Program Leader—White Bear Campus