Giving Statement Update

We’re saving postage AND trees! Starting January 31, 2020, giving statements will be emailed to those whose email addresses are in our database. If we do not have an email associated with someone who contributes to Calvary Church, we will continue to send statements via USPS. If you have shared your email with Calvary but prefer to receive a hard copy statement through the mail, please contact Jim Feldman. If we do not have your current email, please update that HERE.


Roseville Campus remodeling was completed in March of 2019, and an Open House happened on Sunday, March 17, 2019. White Bear Campus updates were completed in August of 2019, and an Open House was held there on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

For more information about updates on both campuses, and to see where we stand with the Transform Campaign, click HERE.


After years of prayer, our congregation and leadership developed a strategic plan to accommodate future growth at Calvary Church. Following God’s leading, we’re excited to be 2.75 years into our three-year Transform Campaign which will accomplish two growth goals: refreshing and building-out new facilities, and planting new churches overseas.

We’ve been blessed with commitments around $3 million. It’s amazing to see God’s people giving so generously, and we thank you! Those in leadership have spent much time praying and talking and determined which spaces were in greatest need of updates at this time. Those were the projects that were tackled in our remodeling and updates at both campuses.

Please email questions to


  • We’re so thankful for the 327 Transform Campaign Commitment Cards received!
  • Over 600 people are represented in those cards. All have committed to pray and financially support the campaign.
  • $3,009,052 total committed to date.
  • We’ve received more than $2.9 million in stock donations and financial gifts.
  • We praise God for the generosity of the Calvary Church congregation!


Campaign Commitment Cards welcome anytime! If you would like to give to the campaign above and beyond your usual tithe and offerings, fill out the handy electronic Commitment Card, re-save the pdf with your name, and email to Jim Feldman.

Online Giving

A simple and convenient way to give. Consider automating your campaign donations (along with your regular giving) using our electronic giving program.

Give Now

We’re excited about the vision Calvary leaders have cast for this church. If you’d like to hear more about how we arrived at our growth goals, and where we are in the campaign, contact one of the leaders listed below.

Shawn Winters
Senior Pastor

Chuck Hannema
Church Chair

Mark Anderson
Program Leader—Roseville Campus

Dwight Skinner
Program Leader—White Bear Campus