After years of prayer, our congregation and leadership developed a strategic plan to accommodate future growth at Calvary Church. We’re excited to follow God’s lead in this three-year Transform Campaign! Our target was to raise $7.5 million to accomplish four growth goals: refreshing and building new facilities; planting a new church or launching a third campus; equipping new leaders; and paying down debt.

We’ve currently been blessed with commitments around $3 million. It’s amazing to see people giving so generously, and we thank you! As this is short of our original goal, we’ve spent time praying and talking about how to proceed. We’ve determined that the goals were accurate, and the needs are real. So, we are prayerfully approaching these next three years as Phase One. We will continue to seek your input as we consider another campaign in order to secure the funds needed to complete all the proposed projects within the next few years.

Therefore, we’re revising our building plans and amending other growth goals. Senior leadership and Elders are meeting with architects and discussing how to update areas where need is greatest, with both campuses being reviewed in this process. We have heard questions from the congregation, and are prayerfully considering how best to serve the people of Calvary Church in all that we do. We appreciate your prayers regarding the Transform Campaign!

For a brochure with detailed information about the campaign, contact the Church Office. Or stop by the Welcome Center and request a brochure!


  • We’re so thankful for the 327 Transform Campaign Commitment Cards received!
  • Over 600 people are represented in those cards. All have committed to pray and financially support the campaign.
  • $3,009,052 total committed to date.
  • Over $768,000 has been received in stock donations and financial gifts.
  • We praise God for the generosity of the Calvary Church congregation!
  • As the current amount committed is short of our $7.5 million goal, leadership continues to be in prayer to determine which goals will receive attention first, but have approved moving forward with a few projects (listed below).

Current Projects

  • Update Signage—our current monument signs (large exterior signs identifying Calvary Church) are outdated and not in working condition. In order to be more welcoming as well as informative, we will be doing what we can to update those. Staff are gathering bids from three area sign companies and comparing costs and ideas from those vendors.
  • Atrium Update—The Atrium at Roseville Campus is one of the most used rooms on the campus. In order to meet the needs of the groups needing audio and visual resources to communicate in that space, a major technology upgrade to the sound system is underway.
  • Roseville Campus HVAC—Due to age and inefficiency of our current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, two new roof-top HVAC units will be installed to service the Worship Center.
  • Roseville Campus Parking Lot—The condition of the parking lot surface has become a safety risk, so that needs to be addressed. Resurfacing of the lot will hopefully start in September 2017!
  • Raizing Parker House – We are moving towards demolition day for the brown Parker House (on east side of Roseville Campus parking lot). Hopefully this will be completed in fall of 2017 as well.
  • Revising Architectural Plans—We continue to work with architectural firm BWBR on maximizing redesign of space given our budget. We plan to begin implementing that redesign in 2018.

Check back to this page for updates as Transform Campaign Leadership amends the growth goals. We covet your prayers regarding how we should move forward with campaign initiatives.


Campaign Commitment Cards welcome anytime! If you would like to give to the campaign above and beyond your usual tithe and offerings, fill out the handy electronic Commitment Card, re-save the pdf with your name, and email to Jim Feldman. Or pick up a card and envelope at the Welcome Center at either campus. Return these to the drop box at the Welcome Center of your campus.

Online Giving

A simple and convenient way to give. Consider automating your campaign donations (along with your regular giving) using our electronic giving program.

Donate Now

We’re excited about the vision Calvary leaders have cast for this church. If you’d like to hear more about how we arrived at our four growth goals, and where we are in the campaign, contact one of the leaders listed below.

Shawn Winters
Senior Pastor

Paul Olson
Church Chair

Mark Anderson
Program Leader—Roseville Campus

Dwight Skinner
Program Leader—White Bear Campus